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By Gould R.F. (ed.)

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Such bell-shaped curves, however, are not probability but are the rate of change of probability (probability density). Probability is obtained ^ by integrating over portions of the probability density. 4-9), This is the way that WASH-1400 presents most of its results. The next section discusses several ways of presenting PRA results and this method in Consequence(x1) particular. 2-2 illustrates this type of Fig. 4,2-2 Exceedance Probability (accidents 1-6) and composite presentation. Instead of showing the accident (p, C) envelope.

Volumes or masses Presenting information as a cumulative integral (CCDF) may be confusing. 3-3, corresponding to the preceding figures, present considerably more information in terms of expected effects (probability times consequences). 3-2, also from the Indian Point hearings, compares the PSA-assessed probabilities of severe core damage for various reactors. '' 1 / system {PCS} , AW \ ! / ATWS and safety < othars \ I 1 5% injection 23% ,• 20% \ I i \ \ LOCAs with j i / ATWS 4% \\j failure of long.

Some comments are summarized: 1. Despite its shortcomings, WASH-1400 provides at this time (1978) the most complete single picture of accident probabilities associated with nuclear reactors. The fault tree/event tree approach coupled with an adequate database is the best method available to quantify these probabilities. 2. The Committee is unable to determine whether the absolute probabilities of accident sequences in WASH-1400 are high or low, but it is believed that the error bounds on those estimates are, in general, greatly understated.

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