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By James Burnham

ISBN-10: 1594037841

ISBN-13: 9781594037849

James Burnham's 1964 vintage, Suicide of the West, continues to be a startling account at the nature of the fashionable period. It bargains a profound, intensive research of what's occurring on the earth this present day by way of placing into concentration the intangible, usually obscure doctrine of yank liberalism. It parallels the loosely outlined liberal ideology rampant in American executive and associations, with the circulate, ebb, development, climax and the eventual decline and dying of either old and smooth civilizations.
Its writer keeps that western suicidal traits lie no longer loads within the loss of assets or army energy, yet via an erosion of highbrow, ethical, and religious elements plentiful in sleek western society and the mainstay of liberal psychology.
Devastating in its relentless dissection of the liberal syndrome, this booklet will lead many liberals to painful self-examination, buttress the pondering conservative's perspective, and incite others, doubtless, to infuriation. None can forget about it.

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