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0 MPa, T ¼ 117 1C, t ¼ 4 h. 143 After 2 h at T ¼ 70 1C and p(H2/CO) ¼ 50 bar, CO2 was introduced. 5:1) were isolated quantitatively in solvent-free form with low levels of metal contamination (ca. 5 ppm) by extraction with scCO2. 5:1). 145 The catalytic system was prepared by mixing [Rh(acac)(CO)2] and [Rmim][Ph2P-p-C6H4SO3]. The R group in the imidazolium ion was optimized for a correct balance of solubility in 1-octene (the highest solubility, the fastest reaction) and in scCO2 (the lowest solubility, the least catalyst leaching into product).

4 Catalyst Chapter 1 Examples of functionalized phosphines for biphasic aqueous hydroformylations. Ref. Catalyst Ref. g. 1 kg LÀ1) while in their ionized form they are insoluble in common non-polar organic solvents. 105 Because of the solubility of the Catalysis in Non-conventional Reaction media 29 Rh(I) complex in water and its insolubility in butanal, the plant unit is essentially reduced to a continuous stirred tank reactor followed by a phase separator (decanter) and a stripping column. Propene and syngas are initially added to the catalyst containing aq.

1 Hydroformylation and Carbonylation Reactions in Aqueous Biphasic Systems The solubility of transition metal catalysts in water is determined by their overall hydrophilic nature, which may arise either as a consequence of the charge of the complex ion as a whole or may be due to the good solubility of the ligands. Examples of ionic organometallics soluble in water are 27 Catalysis in Non-conventional Reaction media 1 À 5 1 À Na [Re(CO)5] and [(Z -C5H5)Fe(CO)2-{P(C6H5)3}] I . They are precipitated by large counter-ions such as [P(C6H5)4]1, [B(C6H5)4]À and [(C6H5)3P¼ N¼P(C6H5)3]1.

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Polymerization and Polycondensation Processes by Gould R.F. (ed.)

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